Traveling to visit Gramma S means ferry rides and lots of swimming.  Everette & I shy away from the children swimming in chlorinated pools, but take exception when visiting Gramma since there isn’t much else to do at her condo, and it’s an opportunity to fast-track some swimming skills.  The children swim at least once a day, sometimes twice, for at least one & a half hours each time.  Sometimes Everette or I join in on their fun, or sit in the hot tub or on the patio furniture visiting or reading a book.  So far this week I’ve done them all.

The children take to water like they’ve never been out (some of them were birthed in water).  The water seems so unencumbering (not a word??).  Freedom.  Fluidity.  Lightness.  Water-up-the-nose awful.  But FUN!

Toveli has been working on her breathing pattern/timing for her front crawl.  Gaelyn’s challenge is to not have to plug her nose while going under water.  Anders has been trying to hold his breath for longer and longer periods (he already does it without plugging his nose).  Laars has been practicing his Starfish float (on back).  All of them are having success in their own challenges.

But most of their time is simply spent having fun.

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