Reach for the Clouds

(The final post on the kids trip to Rock Climbing)

Mitchell really took to rock climbing, and the heights.  A sport he definitely wants to do more of in the future.

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In a couple of the pics its harder to see him, he’s w.a.y. up at the top!!  He probably needs to work on technique, as would all the children.  But that will come in time.

Layne doing her thing.  She’s enjoyed rock climbing ever since she was exposed to it with a homeschooling group up in Parksville when she was about 10 years old.  She’s voting for the kids to get passes, then she would, too.  She’s wanting somebody to do it with more consistently.

Here’s Maret nearing the top.  She wasn’t overly expressive about how much she enjoyed the climbing, but I know she did and wants to go again sometime.  Definitely again.

Toveli is scared of heights, so she of course didn’t want to go and had swim club the same day.  Gaelyn chose to go to swim club, but otherwise she was totally keen on rock climbing.  It was a hard decision for Gaelyn to choose between 2 things she really wanted to do.  And Laars declares he’s a good climber now that he can climb the trees, and the door jams, so he’d like to give it a try.  Next time maybe, buddy.

The children get lots of practice climbing the evergreen trees in our backyard, and when they are up higher than mom’s comfort zone……mom turns around and heads back into the house so I won’t put fear into them.  They don’t need MY fear to negatively effect them. They can develop their own healthy fear when they truly are reaching past their own comfort zone.

At least with climbing at the climbing walls they have safety gear and help when they need it.

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