Baby Prep

Today I took Rauchelle into Victoria for another chiropractor appointment, and we had a day of preparing for her upcoming homebirth.  Due date is one month today (a milestone, but only 5% of women deliver on their DD).

Using a midwife as a support person rather than using a doctor makes many more things your own responsibility, and choosing home over hospital brings some necessary prepping.  So we had some shopping to do at drugstores and healthfood stores to get supplies for the big day.  We shared lunch, and dreams and aspirations.  We talked about some of my own birthing experiences (both hospital and home), expected and unexpected things that might occur, supplements to start taking or to up their intake, etc, and of course we envisioned Snickers’ fuzzy and so-incredibly-soft-skin words cannot express.

Anticipation is growing, as is Snickers.  Now, just need to get that Daddy here!


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