Backyard Camping

What do you do when a big family has another big family over to camp in the backyard for the weekend?

The O’s usually camp an RV at a local-to-them campground for most of a week so Mr O can still go to work and the kids enjoy the days with Mom and Bubba.  But as prices continue to go up, and the weather year after year has been sucky, they decided to take us up on our offer to camp in our backyard.  Although it rained the first night the weather was decent for the whole weekend.

Parents and the youngest ones ‘camped’ inside because we didn’t have enough tents (and we ain’t dumb…..its way comfier and warmer inside, duh!)

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Keep in mind that food is a big concern because there’s lots of squeaky wheels to keep greased.  So we did a fair share of kitchen duty.

The guys did the CFB Esquimalt tour with most of the gang on Saturday morning while the rest of us hiked up to the water tower and prepared lunch, then we had BBQ and sat and talked the rest of the afternoon away. Finally we dragged ourselves to take in the Busker Festival for the evening because that had been the original big plan for this weekend.  Once our butts were in gear we were excited to be down at the inner harbour enjoying the entertainment from around the world.

That night, everybody slept well.

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