Calgon, Take Me Away

I think I live a fairly quiet, slow-paced life.  That might seem unrealistic to some, wondering if that would even be a possibility when I am the mother of nine children.  But under the circumstances I think I really do….most of the time.

I don’t do well with stress.  Or lots of people.  I don’t like running here and there from one activity to another.  I’d rather go at a pace not connected to a clock, with as few people as possible (or just be with myself) with not much on the agenda so I can see where the wind blows me.

But not the last 2 weeks.  No way.

So I haven’t had much time to even blog.  This is my attempt at filling in the gap in preparation for some upcoming overdue posts on whats been happening.  Because in the last 2 weeks I’ve attended a mini-conference with Forever Green, taxi-d kids to a week-long camp of Contemporary & Creative Dance along with Swim Club, been dealing with the emotional topsy-turvy of Rauchelle (& Seth) receiving harsh news at the border crossing from Patrol, had another large family camp in our backyard for the past weekend, attended a family reunion & came home to sick kiddos, and now I’m gearing up for a garage sale this weekend.

Ahhh, Calgon…….take me away!!!

One thought on “Calgon, Take Me Away

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