Veggie Chips


Laars loved them

Everette picked up a free dehydrator at a neighbours “No-Wallet Zone” last week, got it cleaned up & ready to use.  And with our successful garden this year we are starting to get some produce getting ahead of us.

Kale chips seem the rage, and soooo expensive.  Granted they are time consuming, and thus the high price.  So I thought I might give it a try making them.  Then fortunately I came across John’s video that opened my eyes to the endless opportunity!

Viola!!  Collards, kale, Swiss chard, parsley, the list goes on.  Easy to make, just time consuming.

Beet & other greens with just olive oil and Herbamare

And they were a hit, even though they were a bit over done with the drying and the Herbamare salt.  But we’ll try again and succeed again and work to keep up with the garden’s produce.

All we had to do was:

1) Mitchell & I picked the greens, washed and spun them in salad spinner.  Let them dry a bit more on their own. (remove tough stem/spine)

2) Cut/rip into bite size pieces.

3) Brush on olive oil or a home-made salad dressing on one side of the leaves.

Olive Oil & Herbamare

4) Sprinkle with (additional) seasonings if appropriate.  Like I said, I used some Parmesan cheese on some, thinking the heat would melt it enough to stick but it didn’t.  I put some ground Chipotle pepper on some greens with the cheese and it was a hit by half the family.  This is something I will continue to play around with.  Maybe try out some of John’s ideas for dips, etc.

Greens with grated Parmesan & Herbamare

5) Dehydrate till crunchy.

6) Enjoy.

Yummy breakfast


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