Stumbling, Stellaria to the Rescue

In her excitement to visit with the neighbours, Gaelyn stumbled and stubbed her big toe on our exposed aggregate driveway.  Alone she hobbled,

Smelling lavender to help her calm down

cryng, into the house where she immediately found help and compassion.  Her and I squeezed onto the couch side by side and her foot found its way up into the air to rest on the back of the couch where it got inspected by those less intimidated by blood (I was lying down with her for more reasons than just a cuddle!!)

Sifting through our

Herb Fairies– influenced mind to determine what we might use to aid in taking care of that injured toe, we sent Toveli out to pick some fresh Stellaria (chickweed) from the edge of the forest in our backyard while Danaka squeezed some drops of Rescue Remedy into Gaelyn’s mouth.  Gaelyn agreed to chew the leaves herself until they released their juices, then placed it gingerly on the end of her bleeding toe.  Everette placed bandaids on it to keep the poultice in place while Gaelyn smelled some relaxing Lavender essential oil.  She calmed down (as did mom) and eventually went about her morning.  When we took a boo! at her toe later in the hour I was AMAZED at how clean her injury looked.

Stellaria Media poultice

I admit, I had only glanced a few times at the toe and didn’t like what I saw, this complete circle of tissue outlined in oozing blood.  About 2/3 the size of a penny.  When I ventured to look at it after the poultice, it hardly looked like a wound at all!!

I was proud of Toveli for remembering to give the herbs a try, and being able to identify the appropriate one and locate it in the backyard.  I was proud of Gaelyn for her willingness to be a guinea pig, and to chew on the herb, and to relax into the Lavender & Rescue Remedy to calm down.  I know they we have much more to learn about using herbs, but we are well on our way in this adventure to learn more about the world around us and how to work with nature to take care of ourselves and serve others with kindness.

Bandaged up

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