Celtic Ferry Ride

Took the ferry back to the island today after attending a great conference on the mainland, and we had a surprise treat!!

Young people part of Strathspey Fiddlers from near Aberdeen, Scotland, were on their way to Victoria for CeltFest this week.  Onboard were also Irish youth attending the same festival.  About 14 or so of the Scots played toe-tapping music for us, making time fly for ferry passengers.  Many of the songs reminded me of the many times Layne played her fiddle, Rauchelle strummed the guitar, Everette kept rhythm on the Bodrun, and somebody pulled out the spoons.

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Missed the music my family made, but was delighted to enjoy these youth from my ancestors homeland.  Tugs at the heart strings for some reason.

PS Took some video but can’t upload to my blog, or I would have shared some of the music with you.  Bummer. The pics don’t do justice to their talent, obviously.  But if you go to the Fiddlers site you can listen to some videos of them playing.  What they played onboard was very uplifting and exciting, something like #2.

2 thoughts on “Celtic Ferry Ride

  1. Hi, I am a parent of one of the Strathspey Fiddlers. It was so great to read your positive comments about our very talented group of musicians. It would have also been so great to have seen the video you filmed. If you ever get a chance to upload it to youtube please let me know, as we would all love to see it. Thanks again.

    • That is so totally cool, Machenzie. You must be very proud of your youth, and what a great opportunity to come do a USA/Canada tour this summer. Hope they do well in all their endeavors, and have great memories to take back to Scotland with them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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