Wet ‘n Wild

Fun down the street.

One of our neighbours has tonnes of backyard activities to do, and when it comes to water there is a definite magnetism to their backyard.  I have to convince my boys some mornings not to go down the street to their house so Tiffany doesn’t have extra’s all day long.  She insists that our boys and her girls get along wonderfully without any arguing or fights, and I want to believe her that their presence somehow makes it easier overall for her since she’s also busy with her 17mos, but I worry that our boys can be too much of a nuisance.  I don’t want them to wear out their welcome.  They love to play with her girls, but the girls would rather be in their own house or backyard than down the street at our house/backyard.  I just don’t have as much ‘stuff’ to offer or entice.

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There is a neighbourhood boy who is not even allowed on Tiff’s property because he won’t listen to her, and after giving him plenty of tries she has banned him from her property.  So, I guess if my boys don’t listen to her and follow her rules, they’ll lose out and get banned, too.  I’ll trust Tiffany when she says they really are fine to hangout at her house.  And maybe I’ll take over a watermelon or two.

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