To Ride a Bike

One of those basic life skills was worked on this week.  Learning to ride a bike.  Or moving up to the next stage in bike riding.

“A” learned to ride her brother’s bike with no training wheels, so she passed her pink bike on to Laars

“A” and Laars took over the street as they learned how to ride bikes.  “A” was moving up from training wheels to none, learning to keep her balance well and get control of that wobbly front wheel.  She did awesome, while her mom and I had nervous stomachs watching her peddle down the road and turn to come back.

With “A”s success, she had an available little bike with training wheels she passed on to Laars.  So, donned with turtle helmet, excitement and determination he got on that pink bike and learned to peddle forwards and brake backwards, fast enough to create a skid!

Pink is Beautiful…..he used to think, but not any longer

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