Glorious Garden

Well, to us its Glorious.  We have never ever ever had such success with any gardening project.  Everette and I are totally happy with our results, even though the weather hasn’t been as warm as we had hoped…..but maybe that’s part of some of our success!!

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We eat a little from our garden most days.  Not at all enough to provide yet for our family, but its nice to be able to snip some parsley, add a radish, pluck some lettuce leaves and green onions for a salad.  We’ve used sage, oregano & basil for marinades; used ginger mint, chocolate mint, or lemon verbena for hot or cold teas.  We take mouthfuls of parsley for it’s alkalizing effects in our body, and its ability to cleanse/deodorize our mouths.  And every day we simply enjoy looking at our garden, feeling the peace that comes in shades of green, enjoying our connection with earth, and knowing our family is learning in a fun and practical way.

2 thoughts on “Glorious Garden

  1. Beautiful Garden Karen!! To save your herbs for future use a great way is to whip them up in olive oil, freeze them in ice cube trays and then add them to soups and sauces in the winter months! That basil is going to make great pesto! Enjoy the fruits of your labour!!

    • Thanks, Nat. Much still to learn, but success this year of course is so exciting after many green-thumb attempts in smaller ways. Thanks for the tips on prepping herbs for future use.

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