Writing in the Salt

I took a 1/4 box of salt…… poured into a stainless steel bowl

Added some food colouring……I chose green since that’s my favourite colour

Stirred it all up to spread the colour evenly throughout the salt making a blue ????? (what happened to my green???)

Added some sparkles…….

Silver glitter

Add some essential oils for an olfactory delight.  

And start to play.  I put ours in a clean styrofoam meat tray.

Laars, the one who inspired me to make this because he’s so tactile, put his cheek in it, runs his fingers through it, digs in it, and draws squiggles.  We’ll use it to practise recognizing shapes, and letters & numbers.  Later it can be used to recognize and/or spell words.  We’ll do the same with Anders, although he is less tactile than Laars.  Several of the other children like to draw butterflies, or secret messages in it while it just sits on a bistro table in the kitchen nook.  I am hopeful the touching will help connect some important spelling words in the minds of some of our children, in a non-threatening way.  At least its worth a try.  And fun (and a little messy, but easier to clean up than paints or playdough!!), no matter what the results.

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