Two in a Row

Summer has arrived, and we’ve taken advantage of 2 warm sunny days in a row.  Since we were led to a sandy beach yesterday, we decided to checkout the next beach over today since Layne sadly missed out yesterday but was able to go today.  So, not meaning to bore ya’ll, but Everette is currently away and so he might want to see some pictures I’ve posted another whack of them 😉

And if you bother to look, they are very different from yesterdays.  Today there was more art going on, different creature finds, and a walk thru the fields of flowers (heavenly experience for several of my children!!)

Hoping for sun and warmth again tomorrow….but I’m not planning a third beach day in a row.  Time to stay home and putter more in the garden.  Oh, and I’ll have to give an update about that.  Because, other than the deer, the garden is going fantastic.  Update later.  (Natalie, I think you’ll be impressed!!)

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