Laars is One Whole Hands-worth

Our youngest is now 5……one whole handful.  What a delight he is, that Laarsipan.  Mama’s boy, cuddly-tactile-squirmy-squeeze of a boy!

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The weeks leading up to his birthday he was excited about the prospects of eating pizza and having a pink cake, 2 of the world’s best offerings according to Laars.  However, the week before he turned the mature 5, he decided that pizza wasn’t good for you (he claims taught him that pizza is tooooo salty…..which he’s right about the salt, but I don’t think BrainPop taught him that) and he wanted a shark-with-dolphin cake, and that pink was no longer his favourite colour (had been for about 3 years).  And when it came down to it…..

All he wanted for his birthday was to light that 5-sparkler.  Nothing else mattered, not even the (pink) strawberry almond-milk shake Rauchelle made for him to hold the sparkler up in.  So simple to please him…….sometimes.  Sometimes…..NOT!

I did find these cute ‘Annette’s Special Edition Canada Day bite-sized cupcakes’ and Laars gobbled them down like they were favourites, and he enjoyed the attention and the cards.  So, overall he was thrilled to turn 5, and in his now-achieved maturity he has decided that his favourite colours are “purple, and brown, and black, and orange, and all of them….but not pink!”

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