Candied Violas

Herb Fairies has been a smashing hit at our place, but if you didn’t get it a couple months ago, Too Bad……you’ll have to wait till next spring.  They are time-sensitive stories…..sent out each month as the herb under discussion is most prevalent.  Each book builds on the previous one so you are best to read them in order in season.  But you can add your email to be notified for the next release of these great books. (I have no financial affiliation with Herb Fairies)

With each e-book we get recipes for making such things as tinctures, teas, butters, cookies and salves involving the herb featured in the book.  Learning has undoubtedly taken place.  Toveli is frequently spying out Stellaria (chickweed), or Plantago (plantain) since being introduced to the Herb Fairies books, and has started chewing up chickweed for scrapes and cuts.  Putting her learning into action.   So we spent a few minutes (doesn’t take long at all) making Candied Violas.  Actually, Gaelyn and Toveli did it themselves since its such an easy project.  But I got to eat some of them because, well, Toveli, although one of her given names is of the Viola family, doesn’t like to eat violas.  To my advantage, because I thought they were yummy, as did Gaelyn.

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If herbs pique your interest I highly suggest you check out Learning Herbs.  The Gallagher family has lots of knowledge to share, and provide free things to get you started.  There’s several things there geared for children, and I find that a simple, non-threatening way for me to gain knowledge right along with my kiddos.

I’ve heard rave reviews on their co-operative gameboard Wildcraft so we’ve got that on order and anxiously awaiting its arrival (its a secret, so far).  I’ll let you know how it goes once we start playing it.

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