Second Languages

Was always something I had hoped for, but I just haven’t prioritized it.  Learning a Second Language is something we are supposed to provide for our children’s education but it hasn’t panned out. Yet.  We’ve dabbled in it but not accomplished a heck of a lot.  I still believe (dream??) that we’ll learn Spanish best once we are actually traveling and living in Central and/or South America which is still very much on a side-burner.  (Side note:  my sister, her hubby & his cat & dog arrived yesterday in Ecuador for a 6 month stay & will be taking language lessons)  Being immersed in the language will be a whole lot more intense, immediate, frustrating, effective, applicable, but …..Late.

I guess I’m just waiting for more pressure.  As in….time running out.


If you are wanting a Second Language program and procrastinate less than myself, get yourself over to Amazon where Rosetta Stone is On Sale.

We have the Spanish (Latin America) course we’ve dabbled with a bit, and its the program we intend on using before our feet actually hit Spanish-land, hoping to have some Spanish under our belt.  There is an array of languages available including Russian, Mandarin, Greek, Hebrew and Hindi.  And Amazon prices are usually cheaper than Rosetta Stone’s homesite.  Currently that’s the case.

You can start with just Level 1, or get them in sort of Bundles (Levels 1-3, or 1-5) at reduced rates (homeschool editions available).  One to fit your budget.

With lot’s of planning going on for the next school year by many home educators, you might as well pick it up with a savings.


Hold On!!!

there’s another perspective to learning a second language.  The need for


Because none of us like drudgery, and honestly, some people find the packaged language lessons (yes, such as Rosetta Stone) to be boring, disengaging, a waste of money.  Remembering that there are many different learning styles, no One-Size-Fits-All.  So, here’s something to have a look at if Games is down your alley.


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