New Paper

I’ve always found paper enticing.  Journals.  Stationary. Cards. Invitations.

Maybe because I was the daughter of a Printer. Dad knew the weight of a sheet of paper just by the feel.  He knew about stripping (not what you think), binding, all the operations of the shop although that was his brother’s area to run while Dad focused on sales and the office.

Since our eldest 2 daughters were still in single-digits I’ve been wanting to give a try at paper making, hoping one day my dh would arrive home with window screening I could mount on a frame and gather the other supplies I would inevitably need.

Instead, I stumbled upon a Papermill kit at Value Village and promptly called it Mine.

That night, after the youngest boys were reverberating Zzzz’s, we emptied out the box with instructions and gave it a whirl around 10pm.  By 11:30pm we were cleaned up with a mere three sheets of new paper drying on the counter.  A lot of time spent for a measly 3 sheets.  But….they were impressive.  At least, we were impressed!!

The next morning the Johnson Paper Co was cranking out more sheets of paper, and when the neighbour kids got home from school production steamed right on.  Paper making, the new buzz on the street.

We now see our recycling bin with an eye for new paper.  New to us.

What fun!!

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One thought on “New Paper

  1. Haha…I used to be a “stripper” years ago for a book printing company…I loved telling people what I did for a living and see their reactions. I’d have to clarify and say “negative stripper”. 🙂

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