Venus….the Goddess of Love & Beauty

With little notice (6 days, to be exact) we threw a wedding together.  Thankfully both bride and groom are down to earth, not desiring attention, little in the area of expections.  At the end of the day they wanted to be husband and wife.  Simple to accomplish, and that’s what they got  + a little bit of Celebration.

Seth, the groom, is from the USA.  Our daughter of course, Canadian.  The legalities of getting married simple enough.  (Living in the same country more difficult.)

Seth was wanting some of his family to be present at the wedding, but figured it wouldn’t be easily accomplished since they are predominantly on the eastcoast and we are westcoasters.  But when one of his brothers visited him, and they were staying with their half-brother (state-side), the wheels started turning and an impromptu wedding took shape.  The groom took notice that Venus would be transiting between Earth and sun today, and said something about Venus being dominant bodies in their astrological signs  and so he thought it was an opportune time to wed his love.  Rauchelle was game, feeling sooner was better than later, and so plans started in overdrive.

Thursday Rauchelle contacted a Commissioner to do the legalities.

Rauchelle and I shopped Friday for a wedding dress with success right at closing time.  We knew it was the right dress when she bounced through the store!

Seth and his brother, William, arrived Saturday.

Writing vows. Grocery shopping on Sunday followed by our backyard fondue to get to know William better, and he us.

Monday was licenses, checkout specific locations for the ceremony.

Tuesday was last minute grocery shopping (the fridge doesn’t hold much extra when our family is already so large), arrival of some of grooms family from Oregon & 2 other friends, backyard (windy) BBQ under sunny skies, van load to Whiffen Spit for ceremony, and return home for Toasts and dessert.

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