Skin Care Recipes

I’ve read and used various recipes from an eBook Cheap Skin Care Recipes and just thought I’d pass it along.  I’m not an affiliate but thought I’d put it out there, in case you are looking for great and economical ways to pamper your skin as summer approaches.

I become more aware of my skin when the weather starts to get warmer; as skin bares itself more publicly.  Pants and skirts shorten, and sleeves might disappear altogether.  And with more sun exposure, I like to pamper my skin and make sure it is well moisturized.

I love to use raw honey on my skin, and in my hair, (and in my smoothies) and in this eBook there’s quite a few honey skin recipes with other ingredients such as apples, or carrots, or lime & oats.  How to choose from so many?

I’m excited to try more recipes as the summer develops my produce in our raised gardens, so I can use fresh mint (I planted chocolate mint), lavender, rosemary and parsley.  And I’m glad to find somewhere that I can use up some of the healthy-for-you-green-tea-that-makes-me-sick-to-the-stomach.

Green Tea Toner




2 tsp, powdered green tea

½ cup of boiling water




Steep the tea in boiling water for 10 minutes.  Allow it to cool.  Then apply it to your face with cotton balls.

(recipe from the book Cheap Skin Care Recipes, permission granted)

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