Raised Garden Bed

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We aren’t gardeners. Yet. But Mitchell has taken free pallets (re-use) and made them into a raised bed with benches…. one with hinged top for storage. Maret (and Gaelyn, for awhile) stained it, and we got soil as recommended from The All New Square Foot Gardening (compost, vermiculite and peat moss)

Mitchell marked out the ‘squares’ (not exactly square since using prefabbed pallets) and we attached jute string (we hope to later replace that with lath strips).  I made a chart on paper to figure out where I’d place all my plants or seeds, then the children helped me get the stuff in the ground, & watered.  Next time I’d try and incorporate some Companion Planting but I wasn’t that organized and just wanted to get the plants in the ground!!  A mixture of food and beauty.

We put a ring of marigolds to hopefully deter the deer, and added a bit of human hair from a couple of kids who got their bangs clipped.

We are all thrilled that we have finally gotten a garden ‘in’, and hope that we can keep things growing, and eventually producing.

Now Mitchell is making a box for potatoes, and another 4 x 4 box for cucumbers and some more tomato plants etc.  So far, we are having fun.

Fingers crossed.  And no matter how it turns out it’ll be an invaluable education…..for all of us.

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