A Litter

Not of puppies, or kittens. And certainly not to carry an injured or dead person on. Just a litter made from scraps found along the logging road we hike up, to help carry home some stones for our garden.

It started when I asked Seth and Mitchell to help me carry some stones home to put in our front yard path which currently has little pebbles that get kicked out into the grass. I picture a few stepping stones with luscious ground cover flowing over and around it, giving a softer look with the possibility of flowers floating over it all.

We are walking down the hill, the three of us each carrying a stone. There is construction rubbish along the rough gravel road that has the metal gate at the bottom of it. PVC pipes of all sizes. Plywood. Small pieces of lumber. Seth spies a wooden pole and some green-covered wires that he thinks he can use to acquire the hobo-look.

Mitchell takes that idea and starts pulling out supplies he finds to create a litter. Through trial and error they (along with Gaelyn’s help) configure a woven litter to place all 3 rocks on, then take turns to successfully carry the stones home to our place.

Now if we can get our stones in place and those plants successful transplanted and thriving…..Success.

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