It was Rauchelle’s birthday earlier this week, and because she had to work with her dad that evening we had a Birthday Lunch to celebrate with her. Greek salad, couscous, de-alcolized wine, and gluten-free (coconut flour) brownie with Resee’s mini’s.

Then we sent her off to work….most of us have to work on our birthdays anyways, so why not Chelle?

She had made plans to talk with Seth via Skype around midnight after she got home from work. But a great surprise awaited her.

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While I was up the hill with a bunch of the children that evening, we heard a bellowing voice from up on the rock hill, calling “I see you, Anders” (who was trying to hide from his siblings). And Toveli yelled back “Seth!!!” scrambling over the piles of rocks to give our ‘Surprise’ a hug!

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