The Scale of the Universe

This is fascinating to look at, and share with your inquisitive children.

Maret and I were most fascinated and grossed out at the prospect of stumbling upon (not likely) the Japanese Spider Crab.

And when you sit under a big oak tree that spreads its arms out so wide…..and then compare that to the Redwood tree multiple times the height.  And the Redwood compared to the Blue Whale and an average American’s house.  Jeesh, the Redwood truly is monstrous. (I saw them as a child, but would like to revisit the Redwood forest sometime with my own bambinos).  But then compared to even a nebula……how can we ever wrap our minds around the enormity of that??!!!

Were you aware at the size of AM Radio Wavelength?  I wasn’t.

You’ve got to check this out

Then there’s the minuscule stuff.  The diameter of a human egg is about the thickness of a human hair.

I never realized there was such a size difference between a Y and an X chromosome.

I’d love to hear what fascinates you when you take a look at this.

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