Love Affair Rubbing Off


Maret has started a habit of hanging out at the pet store.  Ok, its not the worst kind of habit to develop.  And there are worse places to hang out at.    Each time she goes to the store she’s learning something new, creating new questions that she either asks about or researches for herself at home online.

Maret spends hours there every week, getting to know the staff, pouring attention & love onto some of the animals that really like the social interaction and a change from their usual encasement.  She adores this ferret whom the staff never have enough time to cuddle and play with and allow to run around and explore.

The staff have been really kind to allow Maret to spend so much time there.  She stops in after her weekly dance lessons for about an hour, or spends 2 hours there while we run errands uptown or go for ‘coffee’.   She’s never quite ready to go when we come by to pick her up.  And now its rubbed off on her sisters.  Toveli and Gaelyn are often tagging along, anxious to handle and learn alongside of Maret.


One thought on “Love Affair Rubbing Off

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