Counting Rings

counting rings

We went for a walk the other night, Everette & I with the youngest three.  We checked out what they call Unicorn Pond, tried to see how close we could get to a hawky-hawk (a family joke) sitting in a tree, and identified different animal footprints.

Here Gaelyn and I are counting the rings of growth on a recently felled tree with sticky pitch.  Gaelyn learned why there are differences in the rings.  Some rings were extremely difficult to make out, even with my prescription glasses on and my 8yo’s great vision.  So we had to make some guesses in a few spots, and estimated that this tree was over 400 years old!  Which means that the seedling was starting about the time that……

Samuel de Champlain might have just started exploring eastern Canada, particularly the St Lawrence River, and  makes contact with Algonquians & Iroquois.

-English colonists found Jamestown, Virginia.

-the Beothuks become exterminated.

– smallpox decimates groups of native peoples (repeatedly).

Shakespeare was possibly writing Hamlet.

Galileo sees the moons of Jupiter through his telescope.

-the start of the Thirty Years War.

-the Gregorian calendar was implemented.

Mary, Queen of Scots was executed for treason by order of Queen Elizabeth I.

Counting the rings of a tree turned into a fun history lesson, for both of us.

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