Lavender Cloud

Lavender Cloud

Some days, Everette packs up laptops and Danaka and they head for a cafe to tackle some work/school with less interruptions from kiddos and a change of pace.  Some days, I get the opportunity instead.  I’m really starting to like the time away when I can create, catch-up on emails or get through the To Do List with less interruptions of “Mom!”

Layne started working recently at a new cafe.  One I usually only frequent when my mom is over to visit since this place has decor that is more her style, and less hub-bub than our usual haunt.  But today, Danaka and I decided to stick around, and tried a new drink.  Something supposedly created at this place.

White Chocolate Lavender Cloud

White Chocolate with Lavender Tea topped with steamed milk.


Enough sweetness for early in the morning.

And no caffeine, something I’ve had to become more and more aware of, particularly after noon.

Maybe I need to consider consuming lavender internally is small amounts ie. tea, rather than just using it aromatically.  This is my favourite essential oil, using it in bathing, or for sore muscles, skin blemishes, sinusitis, headaches and stress.  Maybe drinking lavender tea would help with my stress and anger?  Something to consider.

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