Pi Day

We decided to celebrate Pi Day with all things Circles.  I realize that Pi doesn’t just refer to circles, but it’s the most common correlation.

So we started with Breakfast Muffins taken from Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food for Kids: 150 Family-Tested Recipes

Then Layne bought 2 pies after work so we could celebrate Pi with Pies.

Apple and Pumpkin

And we finished up with watching A Beautiful Mind , a non-accurate but none-the-less interesting film about the mathematician John Nash.  Next maybe we should watch A Brilliant Madness which more accurately portrays the life and struggles and accomplishments of a brilliant man.

I have never claimed to be a mathematical genius, nor a genius of any sort, actually.  I think the books that are more at my level when it comes to Maths is The Life of Fred curriculum and all the Sir Cumference books.  There is hope for me when I read (and enjoy) these books, and get little giggles from the kids and myself.

4 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. Came here by way of a pingback to our Journal Jar blog– wow, this is awesome! What a way to celebrate pi.

    By the way– there’s also an independent film called “Pi” that might be worth a look when next Pi day rolls around.

    • Hey, glad you came by. I was planning to look for some videos online, figured that there must be something on Pi (I think I looked at some last year) but just never got around to it.

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