Croaking a Tune for Spring

Had a nice walk the other evening with the younger boys, when Maret caught up with us at the pond at the bottom of our street.  We were delightfully pleased to hear the frogs croaking, and the children greatly anticipate catching tadpoles and frogs later on this year, a favourite activity for them.

And I’m always excited to hear the Canada geese honking as they pass overhead.

It’s a delight to see Spring is in the air.  Other than the sudden hail storms, and the still-cold wind that chills to the bone sometimes, its nice to see the buds starting to sprout, the crocuses and daffodils spreading their ‘sunshine’, and the heather covered in their tiny flowers.  I’ve been getting myself outside some dry days to weed, getting some grounding done with my hands in the earth, releasing stress.

We bought 20 blueberry plants last week and have yet to determine exactly how we are going to keep them away from the deer that frequent our garden on a continual basis.  The creatures are sweet to watch but infuriating when they mow down the tiger lilies that were planted here before we moved in, and the tulips I foolishly planted last fall with Toveli, Gaelyn and Anders……so much for watching them bloom.

Oh, and I’ve started to see the bees coming back.

Spring has Sprung!!

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