The Trash Vortex

State of Texas

Earlier I read One Well to the children, and we discussed the garbage that’s created the Great Pacific Garbage Patch just northeast of Hawai’i which has reached about the size of Texas.

Here, Gaelyn took a photo of the state on our globe….a bit hard to see, but you know how big that state is and where its located.  But most of us are oblivious to how big and where the trash vortex is, and how absolutely appalled we would be if we were swimming, swimming, swimming along when all of a sudden we were entrapped by all that plastic.  Yucky all the way to the Moon!!

By eating whole foods vs processed foods we have drastically cut down on the amount of garbage our household produces, but I know we still are big consumers to the majority of the world, and there’s a l-o-n-g ways to go to cut down even on all that we recycle……meaning, we could probably be re-using, re-purposing more of what we presently are recycling.  And of course, the biggest step in helping the environment, in my opinion, is just cutting back on purchasing stuff.

Do we really need that new thing?

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