All the Water on Earth

Read a cool book to the children this week, called One Well: The Story of Water on Earth …..which led to great discussions on:

-how fortunate we are to be born in Canada

-how we don’t truly appreciate how easy it is to access clean water here at home

-how a million droplets of water collect to make one raindrop

-why the ocean is salty

-what percentage of jellyfish/plants/humans is water

-where freshwater is locked up on the earth

water molecule

Mitchell used K’Nex to show the kids how 2 atoms of hydrogen join with 1 atom of oxygen to make a molecule of water.

If the World's Freshwater was…..

And Maret painted this picture, displaying:

“If a tanker truck filled with water represented all the water on Earth, then the water used to fill a large bathtub would represent all of the planet’s freshwater……Remember that bathtub?  Imagine filling nine pop cans from it.  This represents all the freshwater we can use.

While there is a lot of water on the planet, we have access to less than 1 percent of it.”

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