Re-Purposing Coffee Syrup Bottles

When the establishment where Layne worked went bankrupt recently, we inherited a few of their coffee syrups, among other things.  Now that some of them are getting empty, I’m not sure what to do with them other than recycle them.  I’d rather reuse them, repurpose them to some new life.

A simple solution would be to put our own homemade coffee syrups in there.  But, I’m not really wanting this bottles sitting on my counter indefinitely, and although I like syrups in my coffee, it isn’t a have-to-have for me at all.  That goes for coffee, too.  So, I’m looking for some ingenious, creative ideas but I’m coming up short.







We’ve tried putting our Balsamic Salad Dressing in one of them, but that wasn’t very successful.  It thickened too much, and the squirt is too close to the bottle so it didn’t shoot easily into the bowl or plate but kept close to the edges.

I was thinking that they might be cool for putting bubble bath in them……but, we don’t use bubble bath, so that isn’t the grandest idea!  But something I could maybe make for gifts if I knew of a healthy bubble bath recipe.

Do you have some ideas?  I think they’re cool bottles, and I’d love to find another purpose for them.  That’s why I’m putting it Out There, looking for your great ideas!!

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