Shortbread: Gluten-Free

We want a quick dessert but there’s no eggs in the house, so Danaka-to-the-rescue suggests Shortbread cookies.  But we’re doing Gluten-Free, the best we know how.

They turned out fairly well, but like much made gluten-free, they were crumbly.  So, suggestions on what to put in the recipe to moisten it up & hold together better?

We’ve been using this All-Purpose Flour Substitute to use in our old regular recipes.

2 parts white rice flour

2/3 part potato starch flour

1/3 part tapioca flour

But thinking that we need to be adding something else to the recipes.  Like applesauce or plain yogurt or something.  Not sure if that would alter the delicate flavour of Shortbread, though.

Any suggestions???

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