A Few Days Away

Everette took on a couple nights of work on the mainland so I took the opportunity to go and stay with my mom and get some of my own ‘work’ done for school and personal aspirations.  I fit in a few wonderful visits: dinner with a new friend; and another dinner with my sister-in-law, Helen.  Unfortunately, eating out has caused me to swell, waking every morning with puffy eyes, fingers and feet.  Restaurant food doesn’t like me, certainly not in the frequency I’ve had it in the past 3 days.

Lunch with hubby, our first time to Coza Tuscan Grill.  We enjoyed our lunch, a simple Caesar salad with fresh Romano cheese, fresh bread dipped in olive oil & balsamic, and the yummiest creamed vegetable soup (worth eating a pot full)!  Mmmmm!  Followed by a shared Chocolate Volcano Cake “Our decadent chocolate sauce cake, Forno baked to order and crowned with premium vanilla gelato.”

I enjoyed the decor, and the open kitchen concept.  And watching them work with the Forno oven.

Thanks, hon, for the time away, and a scrumptious lunch date.

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