We got these wooden boxes and had asked one of the Grammas  to teach the girls how to do some tole painting, as that’s her forte.  But in a whole year, it just hasn’t happened.  So the other day I got the idea that we could decoupage them instead.  It became Toveli’s project (and mom, too).

And it turned out fantastic, if you ask me 😉

Finished Product

Now, I’d just like to be able to successfully grow some house plants in them.  Rauchelle kindly reminded me that I have been successful with growing spider plants on several occasions, and if memory is correct I did have an ivy that lived for many years in my company.  So, maybe I can give one or two of them another try.  I really would like to have living plants in our house to help with air quality.

3 thoughts on “Decoupage

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