Programming the Robot

Mitchell took a Robotics course (Mindstorms) this week.  First day, he described it as “Awesome!”  And he didn’t sleep well that night because he kept thinking about how to accomplish what he wanted to get the robot to do.

The second day he said, “You know how yesterday I said ‘It was awesome!’, well today was even more awesome!!!”   Hard to get to sleep again.

The third day, Bummer…… cancelled due to snow.  He wasn’t very happy about that.  I mean, he loves the snow, but hands-down he would rather have been at the Robotics course.

Fourth day they had ‘races’ between the students.  They had to attempt to push the other robots off of the floor mat, or flip them onto their backs making them inoperable, or disconnect their cord (feed from the computer)

Although Mitchell was Grand Champion of the competition, he said the day wasn’t as good as the first two.  He’d rather be working on his own, fine tuning (being meticulous is a bonus) his robot to make it through mazes and other challenges.

Mitchell in his glory


Rob (the instructor) and the Challenge Course








Day five, was a long day (to make up for the snow day on day 3) to learn about making video games.  It was a success, as Mitchell discovered that he has no interest in making video games.  But those robots……that’s a different story.  He’s dreaming them, scheming about owning his own


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