Christmas Dinner Early

Everette & I and our children don’t normally celebrate Christmas with consumerism at all.  We don’t exchange gifts of any kind, and we don’t decorate or have a tree.  Call us Scrooges, but we like it this way.

But sometimes we do what we don’t normally do….for one reason or another.  And this was one of those years.

ImageDanaka and Toveli created a ‘tree’ from the forest, and gifts from Gramma piled underneath it.

A scrumptious free-range turkey with cranberry-walnut stuffing was the highlight of our early Christmas dinner with Brian, and Emo, and Gramma.

 Just missing Seth at the family dinner.

Silly people

opening gifts

This Christmas Day would have been my brother David’s 50th Birthday.

But he’s not here.

Miss you, David.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner Early

  1. The Christmas season is such a mixed emotional time. Sending much love to you and the family. Love the photos! Everyone looks great! Miss you all. xo

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