Tandem Cycling

Chelle & Laars

Chelle is home with her bike, and found a willing companion to Go the Mile with her.  This was Laars’ first time on the Tag-a-long, which didn’t go so well for them riding along the Sooke Road with Laars leaning from side to side to see up ahead of them.  Once they got on the Galloping Goose Trail it was smooth sailing.

Laars likes to chatter about the clouds, the trees, the rocks, whatever he sees he likes to chatter about in his sing-song sweet voice.  And Chelle likes to have quiet.  But since Laars isn’t really talking to her, but rather just talking to the universe, not expecting a voice to respond, they seem to make a compatible pair.

Next time, they’ll get a lift to the Trail and peddle their hearts out.

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