Jamming Good Times

Rauchelle returned home on Wednesday after being away basically for 6 months, state side, and brought her traveling buddy Seth along.

It’s been a busy time, as can be expected for a large family but we normally are not this busy.  Danaka and Mitchell did a table at a Craft Fair on Thurs, Maret had a recital for Hip Hop for us to attend earlier that day; Seth was interested in viewing Bowser from whence many of Rauchelle’s stories originated and we wanted to visit friends before the Holidays during the same long-day trip.

So, today was going to be a Quiet-Stay-At-Home day which resulted in 2 hours at the coffee shop, an impromptu grocery/liquor store trip, a sampling of Vancouver Island beers (I passed on that!  Yuck!!), a belated-birthday-cake for Seth (bday was beginning of October!) so we could share with him our “Angel Cheeks” candle, followed by  a music jam & dance just because, and then a gathering for “How to Train Your Dragon” before bedtime.

‘Twas the night before Seth left BC and all through the house, not a creature was pleased that he was leaving us already.  Its been great getting to know him.  Asking him 20+ questions, listening to his openness and honesty, watching him wrestle with the little guys, his courage of getting in our 15-passenger van with 11 Johnsons for a 4.5 hr round-trip to meet some of our crazy/loud friends with plenty of kiddos.  All of it has warmed our hearts to him, and made him our personal friend.  We are sad to say “goodbye” “see you later” but such it is.  Just glad that we fit in our little evening party with live music and togetherness.

Anders drumming with spoons



Fiddlin and strummin


Dad plays the spoons in the background



Seth & Laars dancing


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