Advent & Namaste

Mitchell’s Excited 


We set up a mock table to see if our proposed shelving idea would work for the display, and you can see that Mitchell really started to get excited about how it was coming together…..he jumped into the picture!

The more that Danaka and him  have  completed, the more the excitement has mounted in him (and the stress has begun to diminish).

Countdown ‘Til Santa’


This week they created a variety of Advent Blocks



And via the facebook poll I ran, there was a suggestion for ‘Namaste’, so we delivered. Along with others like ‘Welcome’ & ‘Cafe’.

I know they’ve learned an incredible amount from this whole Market Day camp.  And the effort they’ve put into it, they can certainly be proud of.  It’ll be exciting to see how Market Day on Tuesday actually pans out.

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