Entrepreneurs Abroad

Something we dream of, as a family, is living & traveling abroad.  So we read blogs, magazines and such that support that dream, to keep it Alive.

This morning I was reading from International Living magazine about The Truth About Business Abroad and this struck me

“Originally, I too thought the entrepreneurs were more inclined to move abroad.  But I no longer believe that.  I think it’s the move abroad that makes ordinary people into entrepreneurs. ” by Lee Harrison



Some of the reasons Lee mentions to support his perspective are:

-expats set themselves apart from the rest simply because they have actually made the move overseas.

-expats often find themselves in new areas with ‘fresh pair of eyes’ where there lies unlimited prospects, in countries with less regulations

-expats have a great opportunity to ‘start over again’, where nobody knew them & their previous ‘restrictions’, so there is no preconceived notions of what the expat is capable of doing.  So virtually they can re-invent who they want to be, without the nay-sayers (usually friends and family).

Keeping the Dream Alive.  One day I’ll be telling you about the new business we’ve started up abroad!

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