Ice Skating

We used to skate lots as kids growing up, back in the cold olden days when Burnaby Lake still froze over.  I enjoyed skating outside on lakes and ponds even though I was a pretty pathetic skater with weak ankles. I don’t know if falling out of the car door & rolling down the embankment as mom pulled on to Sperling heading to the ice rink ever had a negative impact on me, but skating has never been a passion for me.

Everette grew up playing ice hockey, and was still playing shortly after we started our family, going late at night to play with the Golden Oldies until he felt he couldn’t commit enough time to staying on top of his game.

When Layne and Rauchelle were young we went with homeschoolers often down to the rink in Parksville during the winter to get some physical exercise, even with Danaka in a stroller sliding around the rink and Mitchell in my womb.  But that’s about the last time I went on the ice, I think.  And once Everette got rid of his own hockey skates, he hasn’t been on the ice because he hates rental skates with their chronically dull blades.

Enter….the next ‘generation’ of kids who have never been skating. Until recently…..


Toveli’s been asking to go.  She loves in-line skating and wanted to give it a go, so we decided that Toonie Wednesdays would be a good time to give it a try.  

Whipping Around

Well, it was a huge hit.  Like…. Do Again!!

Anders worked Sooooo hard at skating his head was dripping with sweat, and he rubbed his skin raw on his calves!
















So, yesterday we took the children again for our new winter sport. But it was FREE for International Children’s Day. Free hot chocolate, cookies, apples and oranges. Free crafts. Free skating and rentals. Couldn’t be better!!!! Lots of fun for all.

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