Washing Our Plastic Clothes

Most people aren’t aware that their synthetic clothes are made from plastics/petroleum products. But even if you knew that, maybe you didn’t think about what happens when you wash them. Although we got rid of the vast majority of non-natural fabrics (still have some, but very few) from our wardrobes and linen closets a few years back, I had never actually thought about their effects on the waters of the world when we wash them. But it makes sense, since I know our clothes are always breaking the fibres down when we wash (or dry via the dryer).

Is your washing machine contributing to the ‘microplastic’ pollution problem in the world’s oceans?

A side note: I’ve noticed that when I use the dryer, I have no need for fabric softener of any sort, and I think that is because our clothes are all natural fabrics. The static electricity builds up on the man-made items, not our cotton, linen, hemp.

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