Fort Rodd Hill Revisited Again & Again

Anders is always asking to go here.  Fort Rodd Hill and the Royal BC Museum are probably his very favourite places in Victoria.

So when we had to take Mitchell and Maret to a Market Day learning camp at the Juan de Fuca Rec Centre we decided to go around the corner to FRH.










Lots of space to run around in.








Tov Discribes her Route through the Underground Magazine













Don’t have to be quiet the whole time (but respectful of others while in the buildings with others).





Military paraphernalia.

Wrong End of a Barrel







Gold Propellers Laars really liked these







Original Light







Mr Wind

I enjoy the paintings on the walls in the Lighthouse.








Shipwrecks (red lights) & Lighthouses (white lights)



Staircase in the Lighthouse




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