Musical Theatre



This past week Mon-Fri  Maret and Gaelyn were involved in an intense musical theatre camp with 4 hours of practise a day with the instructor Joey Clarkson, then learning lines and lyrics at night with help from the family, and a final performance this afternoon.


Neither of the girls have ever participated in anything like this, and both were at times extremely nervous, overwhelmed with all that they had to accomplish in just 5 days…..


Joey Clarkson












But they did it.  Lead by the fun and lovely Joey Clarkson who pushed them on to Greatness!

Girls Around the Campfire




And a fine job they all did.  They all accomplished so much




dance steps, timing, script ,











"A True Story"











Singing Away










team work, courage,


A Dare to Eat a Worm









Ewww!! He Ate It!!













Singing about Space

Fantastic job, all of you!!



And our girls want to Do It Again!

3 thoughts on “Musical Theatre

    • Thanks for the updated website. I know the Sooke homelearners will have you back time & again. If it were up to Gaelyn she’d do at least 2 workshops a year. We are now traveling indefinitely so we’ll unfortunately miss out next year(s).

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