Tundra, the Wolf

Last week some of us attended The Wolf Speaks at Royal BC Museum where we listened to Cristina Eisenberg, High Lonesome Ranch Research Director and wolf biologist, educate us about Trophic Cascade, how things are going with the re-introduction of wolves to more locales in North America, and some of the characteristics/behaviours of wolves.  We found the most interesting parts of her talk to be about Trophic Cascade, and a side-note raised during Q&A time about coyotes…..that coyotes will increase the number of litters they have and actually multiply when humans are trying to eradicate them!

Tundra walking the crowd

Here is Tundra with his owner Gary Allan of Who Speaks for Wolf.  Tundra walks around the crowd of 100 people, sometimes stopping to sniff a pocket, or lick a face, or be re-introduced to people he recognizes from a previous engagement.  He lets you pet him, seems very gentle and inquisitive, but becomes instantly agitated if anybody claps (some people just didn’t understand that concept).

Tundra staring at Danaka

The close up of Tundra is when she entered our row of seats to have a look at Danaka.  You can barely see that Maret is petting her back, but she is.

We had a great evening learning & experiencing, and blessed with winning the book

“Carnivores of British Columbia”

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