Mapping Her Journey


Rauchelle’s been all over the map.  Literally.

Recap:  End of May our second eldest flew to Cape Breton.  Then friends drove her to Maine where she started hiking south on the Appalachian Trail (AT). When she started to get chest pains she left the trail.  She caught a bus to friends place in Georgia, recouped, then restarted the trail back in Maine a few weeks later.

But when she heard that her uncle Dave was near death she flew back to Vancouver to see him (and the Island to see her family!).  Returning once again to the AT she hit the trail, only to get blown-off track by Hurricane Irene.  Then she reconsidered her position.  She has to be out of the States by sometime in November, and there was no way with all these delays that she’d be able to finish the trail, so why not do something different?

Seth & Rauchelle

Update:  So her and a friend, Seth, have driven from Falmouth, ME to Baton Rouge, LA and will attempt cycling (& camping) all the way to our house in BC.

And we’re marking their path on our map.

Anxious for them to get to Our Island.

Update:  They drove to friends in San Antonio, and Rauchelle is now laid up with UTI so plans are constantly morphing.  Will see if they actually drive all the way to Canada

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