European Water Stone Cafe

I’ve seen a coffee sign out of the corner of my eye over the past few weeks just as we were approaching the first intersection heading into Langford.  But I never got a clear view of it, and had intentions of checking it out sometime.  So earlier this week when we were headed to pick up Layne and Danaka at the ferry, returning from their trip with Grandma to Cape Breton, Everette and I stopped in to check the place out.

And we were pleasantly surprised.  Everette loved the coffee, my half-sweet London Fog came with a little wrapped milk chocolate square, and both of our Panini sandwiches were yum.

Turns out the European Water Stone Cafe just opened 5 weeks ago, serving up authentic German cuisine for Breakfast (till noon) and Lunch. (and the German husband/wife owners live a block+ away from our house!)

And as I was leaving the establishment, I noticed a Help Wanted sign posted, so I asked Katie about it……and Layne starts working there tomorrow!  She’s soooo excited, as are we.  It looks like a great environment, with careful attention to detail, and the staff seem absolutely wonderful.

Layne behind the counter

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