Overflowing Bounty

From the Metchosin Farmers Market we were introduced to Glanford Greenhouses where Everette made a weekly stop.


Peppers Galore


And with our big family eating a lot of raw it can amount to a lot of produce in a week.

Cherry Tomatoes

Regular Ones










But what you see here, isn’t our weekly produce.






This is a Blessing.


Doug & Ling Eng sold all of this to us for just $30.

They were cleaning out the greenhouses as its end-of-season

for them, and they set this feast aside with our name on it.


All sorts of Peppers


All this Bounty is certainly worth more than $30!!!



And beautiful flowers for the kitchen island!



Oh, and a small pile of potatoes.

New Potatoes

And another bouquet for the kitchen window.

I always enjoy seeing flowers in front of me

when doing the dishes.

Bouquet Doubled

Come next May when the Glanford Greenhouses reopen for the season, we’ll be there. Happy customers of wonderful people serving Victoria with wholesome pesticide-free produce at great prices.  Can’t be beat.

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