One Thing Leads to Another

We’re reading from Animal Life in Field and Garden  (A Living Book About Nature) by Jean Henri Fabre and thoroughly enjoying it.  But one thing can lead to another and before you know it……You’re Having Tea.



Hard to believe but we started by learning about Hedgehogs (and reminiscing the one we had for a while that we named Mrs Tiggy Winkle) which of course led us to reading Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle


Mrs Tiggy Winkle

which sent us down the rabbit hole to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit which…..

Peter Rabbit


ends with “His mother put him to bed, and made some camomile tea; and she gave a dose of it to Peter!  “One table-spoonful to be taken at bed-time.””



It wasn’t bed time, but we decided to have our own little tea party cozied up to the gas fireplace.

A Gummy Girl


But what does one have when there’s no Chamomile in the house?



Sip Mint tea that Danaka picked and dried for us.  It’s good for settling a tummy for “I am sorry to say that Peter was not very well during the evening.”



We added Fruit Gummi Bears that Gramma Johnson left with us last month, and what were they used for?

Battle it out!



Doesn’t seem to matter if you give a boy a sliced pickle or a gummi bear, it will end in a battle of some sort.

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