Making Relief Maps

I’ve thought of doing this project before, but just never got around to it.  You might know how it is…..  Mom-t0-many-children who doesn’t like a mess.  That’s me.  Not wanting The Baby to get into it and create a bigger mess, or upset ‘Tommy’ because the water got spilled on the project.  So, its been easier to just skip the mess (and the learning opportunity??).

But I decided it was time to give it a try.  Or better yet, let the children give it a try.

And what is This of which I refer?

Salt Dough Relief Maps.  Check out this Squidoo article, and then check out my kids maps!  They did an awesome job.  At least I think so!!


Tov's Canada




Mitchell's Europe



Just a sampling.  So each of the kids can see their whole project, and their friends can see each of them, too, I’m going to devote a whole post for each of them, and so starting on Monday I’ll post a weekly map relief post to show off their projects.

4 thoughts on “Making Relief Maps

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